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  1. anonymous

    Two questions 1 why did fujiwara always say “come gather arounds these manboobs” ? 2 why did he always do that light kick on the butt thing afterwards?

    • Anonymous

      it should be matsumotos’ or the directors’ subtle sense of humour i guess haha it is meant for entertainment xD

    • A Rock

      Well like the other reply said. It’s about Matsumoto’s sense of humor. He was poking fun at the former manager’s jollyness vs his chubbiness. Also as a brief note, when Fujiwara lightly kicks their behinds he’s saying “Everybody.” Or at least in their dialect.

  2. Anonymous

    Those guys are awesome!
    I watched this at 3 in the night and laughed my ass off xD

    Thx for sharing it with us :)

  3. Anon

    I keep on getting an advert that covers the english subs and that advert does not have a “x” to get rid of it… I mean, I don’t really mind watching it without the subs, but they help a lot…

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