9 thoughts on “24 Hour Tag”

  1. Two questions 1 why did fujiwara always say “come gather arounds these manboobs” ? 2 why did he always do that light kick on the butt thing afterwards?

    1. it should be matsumotos’ or the directors’ subtle sense of humour i guess haha it is meant for entertainment xD

    2. Well like the other reply said. It’s about Matsumoto’s sense of humor. He was poking fun at the former manager’s jollyness vs his chubbiness. Also as a brief note, when Fujiwara lightly kicks their behinds he’s saying “Everybody.” Or at least in their dialect.

  2. Those guys are awesome!
    I watched this at 3 in the night and laughed my ass off xD

    Thx for sharing it with us πŸ™‚

  3. I keep on getting an advert that covers the english subs and that advert does not have a “x” to get rid of it… I mean, I don’t really mind watching it without the subs, but they help a lot…

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