6 thoughts on “Absolutely Tasty Pasta Part 2”

    1. Hey Im just trying to understand why people(both on the shows and others) would call him Macchan instead of for example Matsumoto-san ? Isnt Chan for someone whos male and under you in rank or age?

  1. lolz I thought before the toothpaste was introduced that it was going to be the worst ingredient, then when matsumoto-san said it was like playing a batsu game I was like “yup”. I was laughing the entire time, clapping my hands. XD

  2. OMG, why use toothpaste??? what on earth was he thinking T_T……..it’s probably ten times worse then the ‘frisk’ stuff …….LOL, they don’t need a ‘batsu game’ cooking for each other is punishment enough ^_^

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