15 thoughts on “Airport Batsu Game Part 1”

  1. 30 min. each week. That’s how long it will take to translate and release it … so it will take 2 months to finish the whole thing.

  2. That was fast! But i think i’ll wait till all parts 2 be subbed b4 watching da batsu(even tho i already seen da unsubbed)! I cant stand waiting for the next parts lol

  3. Alrit, I’ve waited long enough… i was gotta watch it when all the parts r subbed(tho i already seen the unsubbed) but i ot a long weekend n im ready to laugh!! XD

  4. I’m late to Batsu. I watched the 24-hour tag first and was laughing a lot.
    This however, is pure comedy gold. No, make that platinum.

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