15 thoughts on “Airport Batsu Game Part 2”

    1. You mean the song Amemiya is singing? It’s was made for the batsu game. Its talks about the guy next to him(Umemiya) meeting his wife Umemiya Claudia(You have seen her probably alot of times in batsu games).

  1. cant wait for the picture parts to be subbed! thx alot guys! these reeallly make my days. you have no clue how much they do. I loove the dolls. LOL

      1. 5 hours long, but who’s counting anyway? πŸ˜‰

        It looked like Deluxe was giving them gum, not marshmallows. And UMEMIYA was hilarious as usual, though none of it was his fault

        1. Yeah, 5 hours is the batsu game long if you take the ad’s out of them, but they have already released some unseen footage. So add another extra hour.

  2. The minute I saw Matsuko’s name in the description, all I could think in my mind was…”poor Endo…heeheee this is going to be fun!” LOL Love this show so much!

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