Dasshutsu Game Dero

A variety TV show inspired by “Escape the Room” games.

Random Japanese Shows , , ,


  1. Mikakia_adw

    More of these πŸ˜€ it was fun

  2. Nic.

    OMG~!!! AMINA!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dar.

    This looks like a really fun show, are you guys going to be subbing more? :)

  4. Wowa

    I LOVE it! I’m trying to find more of them but it wasn’t subbed.

  5. GeorgieBoy

    More of these please!!!!

  6. Ngoc13

    HAHA xD
    I’m dying… i laugh my stomach off!
    They are so funny when they soon is falling XD
    I can reapet is over and over agian (b^.^d)

  7. Michail Borisov

    This is amazing show it’s realy fun. This look like SAW.

  8. Stickman47

    Loved this, but unfortunely it’s near impossible to find more which are subbed.

  9. KeyEri

    ahhhh…I watch it this is make me really worry about them especially Yama-chan … that was the easy one!!! Yama-chan try your best next time!!!

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