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  1. I notice they’re saying “Hosei out” instead of “Yamasaki out”.Is there a specific reason why? Did something happen with his family,or did they just decide to change it?

    1. Yes. He changed his stage name to Tsukitei Hosei, for becoming a Rakugo, and in honor of his mentor, Tsukitei Happo. They now usually refer to him as ‘Hosei’, not as ‘Tsukitei’, mainly for respect towards his teacher.

    2. I’m not completely certain, but earlier last year, he officially changed his last name to fit his Rakugo stage name so he is no longer ‘Yamasaki’. His first name is unchanged so I assume to confuse the viewers less they now use Hosei.

    3. I’ve that question too, on the beginning i think Yamasaki say’s something like ” don’t call me Yamasaki, please call me Hosei”

    4. Yamazaki changed his name to Tsukitei Hosei. Because he was a student of a Senior Rakugo whos name is Tsukitei Happo. Rakugo, I think is a storytelling comedy thingy… So he suggested Hosei to change his name and he took in his suggestion. So he said that he “graduate” to gain the title of Tsukitei from his Rakugo master Tsukitei Happo. About them saying Hosei OUT, sorry im not really sure.

    5. I do not know, Fujiwara at the beginning said, that has been changed for “Hosei Out”, If we will wait for the subtitles, maybe we will know, why it’s hapenned.

    6. Yes.
      He changed it from Yamasaki HΓΆsei to HΓΆsei Tsukitei.
      Cant remember wich one, but at the start of the show, they say that he’s changing the name.

    7. ^
      oops sorry…
      i put the wrong comment 😐
      btw, back to topic, he change his stage name because he is a pupil of comedian Tsukitei Happou, and Tsukitei suggest Yamasaki to use his name as his stage name. His real name still Yamasaki Hosei, though.

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