Enthusiastic Teachers – Part 1

Enthusiastic Teachers Batsu Game , ,


  1. Jess

    AHHHHHH !!!!

    I am so happy subs

    Thank You Very Much

  2. John

    Thank you ! 😀

  3. Fujira

    thanks alot for the share.. looking forward to the rest of it.

  4. Thank you soooo much!!! Loved it, seriously, no fun watching when you don’t have a clue what they are saying : )))))

  5. Kia Ora

    I am a New Zealand Maori and they done the Haka (Ka Mate) pretty good, apart from the balls hanging out that was just crack up.
    kia ora GNTTeam for the subs can’t wait for the rest.

  6. Saga Masamune

    You posted it on my birthday ^^, thanks for a wonderful present

  7. kuwame

    background: ‘red’;

    This is sweet

  8. sdfsd

    what will happen to the “drag here”? parts?

  9. Aldo

    The link is down yet!

    Too many people must have rushed it!

  10. gaki fan

    i have tried the link listed on dailymotion and it is not there. i also went to the site of translaters. all i get is adfly and it just will not let me watch or view. it just wants me to download its player.

    any other options?

  11. Kilua

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAbsolutly faaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic!!!!!!!
    Thank you!

  12. gaki fan

    thank you, thank you, thank you. you guys do such a good job with this i cant tell you how much laughter and joy these shows have given me. thank you

  13. Chad

    Thank you for the subs. I’m waiting for more. Whenever you get the chance :)

  14. sitthiphan

    when the rest is coming ? ….I am die waitting.

    Thanks you btw

  15. Kyle

    Excellent, cannot thank the sub team enough.

  16. Mike

    OMG thank you can’t wait until more are finsihed!!!

  17. Ossa

    I finally manage to catch up!

    LOL it’s so weird that Endou san doesn’t know the alphabet. Even his mates make fun of him for that! He is cute nonetheless :)

  18. mandervong

    Matsumoto’s been working out. scratching 50 he looks better than many 30 yr olds. Wonder what his secret is….ramen and weights???

  19. leon

    At around 56:53 a face flies out of the wall.

  20. mankoface

    タイ refers to Thailand, not Taiwan. As in Thai kick, and Thai people.

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