Greatest Pie Hell Game

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  1. reyhan

    greatest it is lol so hard at Downton being an asshole senior. LOL

  2. Olbrien

    Theres no rest of this?

  3. chan

    It would have been awesome if the pies were of different colours!!

  4. Aleah

    Downtown wouldve really gotten on my nerves. o: Nonetheless, its funny to watch them torment other people.

  5. Nero

    Uuuugh, they are SO overly abusing that, pardon my language, absolutely idiotic senior>junior fascism… :\

    “It is disrespectful for juniors to criticize their seniors.”
    So if an elder is COMPLETELY and horribly wrong about something, the younger people just have to accept it? That is stupid. :/

  6. Gecko69Mars

    You guys do know they are doing this on purpose right? I mean they are literally trying as hell not to laugh.

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