7 thoughts on “Hamada “Unthinkable!” Trial – Part 1”

  1. I think there’s a decent look at Tanaka and Endo’s manzai work in this. Tanaka is /really/ good! He never really gets to shine in the videos I’ve seen and I’m really impressed with him here. I wish there was more subbed Cocorico specific stuff out there.

    1. It’s a matter of culture. Some things you do are disguisting in japan and vice versa. In some cultures showing the face is a sacrileg.

  2. i m gonna die!!!! matsumoto’s comments are soooo funny:
    are you a mole rat!!! take your glasses off!!!! die!!!!

  3. thats why i hate Hamada.. I know that it’s his job and i admit he has a point when he said its boring when you do a prank half assedly.. but he’s taking it seriously.. its not a prank anymore he’s having fun hitting his co workers and juniors and he even molested women..

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