10 thoughts on “Hot Spring Inn Batsu Game”

    1. In Japan, being a sushi chef is a very traditional job which requires years of training, so it’s really weird to see a black sushi chef in Japan. The joke would have worked with any non-japanese guy.

      1. I think that black guy was a notable foreigner. I’ve seen in him other japanese games shows, and talk shows. So I think that because he was there, and he was somewhat of an “idol celebrity” that made his presence dressed up like that a bit weird and yet funny. I’ve seen in on Japanese ghosts shows, he was also on a few episodes of Silent Library, and doing a few other random skits in other Japanese comedies.

  1. hey fred…learn to write in english where people can fully understand you…jerk…lol

    it would’ve been even funnier if the sushi chef was mexican….ROTF…lol

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