11 thoughts on “Lincoln – Kiss Or Pie”

    1. Quite the opposite actually :/
      they are not friends at all. They said im some interview or something that if they stop doing Comedy they won’t become friends anymore

      1. I kind of know the situation their in.. I have 2 seriously close friends which ive known since childhood, and if i had the option to leave them i would. It sounds messed up but theres only so much you can take :L

      2. They have a weird relation, true. But both also claimed they would stop with comedy if they can’t do it together. So the won’t do it with another partner. That’s kinda nice :3

  1. No Matter How I look at Hamada’s face, he doesn’t look angry to me. Sounds like a person who is always calm using super sadist control.

    1. How about the last one which is around 28.35-28.37? I say I dreamt about it. I guess Matsumoto and Hamada have a best life I seen. Wish they live for 40 more years….

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