5 thoughts on “London Hearts – Good Boy Ryo”

    1. What’s wrong with Yaguchi being here ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      And I wouldn’t call that old, I’d call it “mature”, after all she was 25+ in this video, she’s not minimoni anymore you know…

  1. NICE UPLOAD! Hoping we could see another one really soon! If you give me the site where you download them I could help you upload it.

  2. I always had the impression that Ryou didn’t play a big part in any of the episodes and Atsushi was the prominent figure, always being in the limelight. Then, I thought they must have done something regarding this matter. Imagine my pleasant surprise when i found this video. London Hearts rocks, i hope someone subs everything, it’d take a lot of time though….

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