Mechaike Bakajo Test – AKB48 Part 1

Another Mechaike Bakajo Test. This time AKB48 (also former) members will be taking part in this. Who will be the Stupid girl this time.

Mechaike , ,


  1. Nero

    When will people learn that intelligence is different from knowledge…

    Thanks for this! <3

  2. jody

    The comments made to Rino Sashihara are puzzling to me. I am in the USA, so I only know what I read or see here. This WOMAN (over 20 yrs old) had sex with a man, and she is banished from the top group to the lowest group of perfomers?????? Are you shitting me???? Then I read where these Idols are supposed to remain virgins even into their early 30′s to remain a teen school girl appearance???? Now you tell me which way is wrong, trying to look like a tiny virgin school girl for the adults, or actually being a normal adult by having that job and sex with your partner? I don’t get this way of thought.

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