8 thoughts on “Million Kazoku Part 5”

  1. Does anyone else get the feeling they cheated a bit? The way they keep explaining why they choose to look in certain places seems a bit off…

    1. A bit? It’s totally scripted. Everyone leaves really stupid traps (and quite advanced ones, quite obvious they didn’t do them themselves) right next to where they’re hiding and the hosts are like “oh no, a trap. there’s probably no one hiding here, lets move on!”. Then sometimes they walk up to something completely ordinary and say “hey… this looks a bit suspicious!”.

      On the other hand, most of these shows are scripted but fun anyway, so I wouldn’t be too put down. Most just aren’t as obviously (or fully?) scripted as these.

      1. Yea but, its not scripted.
        its real, they have a different way of thinking than we do. like in a movie i always think of what i would do in that place and position.

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