8 thoughts on “Nazotoki Battle Tore”

  1. This is the show I watched when I was in Japan! Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t had any luck finding it online anywhere πŸ˜€

  2. You were right!
    Dasshutsu game Dero is great too!
    Well, most brainstormings are made of kanjis, so not understandable to me (i’m french by the way, so hope my english doesn t look like tore questions for you all :p) ;
    but the concept is really advertising and the whole thing is really funny to watch even though i can’t understand 2/3 of the questions!

    thx for the share!

  3. Wow, I knew the hohoemi-thing immediately and he took ages to figure it out and I only know the most basic japanese O__O ! This and Dero are fun to watch, never expected to be able to figure anything out before the contestants though.

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