8 thoughts on “Sauna Battle”

  1. omg the opening fight was the best thing i’ve ever seen in my life. yamazaki gets slapped and hamada truly is the No.1 pervert. i laughed my ass off. thanks for a great vid

  2. I didn’t really think this was that funny, the girls looked like they genuinely were having a terrible time. And all of them were touching their fat, and Hamada touching one of the girls boobs when he is married. I really lost some respect for all of them. I really wish I didn’t watch this.

    1. are you laughed when endo being forced kiss by matsuko deluxe? How about Obachan kissed matsumoto 40 times at Haunted Hotel? If you laugh thats mean you a sexist! And you should know that Mori Sanchu is always force stripped by each other to make everyone laugh

  3. I like after all the things the males do to each other, i.e. in some of the batsu games, matsumoto and hamada having their balls grabbed, or endo being touched up by deluxe, but once it happens to women, fireworks, people get annoyed, lose respect, meep you are being absolutely ridiculous and frankly sexist, or you literally have watched only a couple of gaki videos, seriously sexism is a two way street.

  4. As a swede, I find a sauna batsu kinda funny. The Swedish word for sauna is Bastu, so for me, this is a Bastu Batsu 😀

    And don’t feel too bad for the girls, I’ve seen them kick the boys quite hard as well, they wouldn’t let the Gaki team do this to them if they didn’t want to. Just like with everyone in that team, the boys will have their share of punishment later 😉

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