8 thoughts on “Tanaka 500 Questions”

  1. Is it just me..or is it weird that they knew his blood type, but not his hobbies? Haha. Creepy. I do NOT know my friends blood type, why, i barely know mine! How do they know that?

    1. Asian countries link blood types to personalities. Kinda like astrological signs. So if you visit japan you will probably asked what your bloodtype is.

  2. Thanks that was funny and interesting cause i really like Tanaka ..
    Did they do the same for the other members ? I really am interested in Hamada (mostly) and yamasaki !
    Matsumoto’s one could be funny too.

  3. Thanks, that was hilarious! It really does seem like a batsu game for them, over 7 hours answering questions about Tanaka is a lot for anybody. Were there a lot of joke answers? I don’t think Hamada actually thinks Tanaka lives in a 14-story mansion. XD

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