Friendly Downtown with Jinnai Tomonori

Lincoln ,

Mr. Bater – Pharmacy

Gottsu ee Kanji , ,

Mr. Bater – Flowershop

Gottsu ee Kanji , ,

World Downtown 22

World Downtown ,

Gaki Lego Battle

The members and some guests are battling it out. Who will build best lego animals.

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Airport Batsu Game – Unseen Footage

Some unseen footage from the older batsu game. Wish they had it in the show right away. Jimmy-san is just too good.

Airport Batsu Game

Yamazaki’s Ass-Magic

Yamasaki is performing a different kind of a magic show.

Random Gaki Videos

Yamasaki’s Slap Competition

Random Gaki Videos

Cocorico Tanaka’s Shichi-Henge

Tanaka tries out his 7 transformations.

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Suberanai Hanashi 7

Another hour of funny stories.

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